Meet The On The Point Team

Our friendly team goes far beyond giving you a pleasant luxury experience. Dedicated and knowledgeable with exceptionally high standards, our people make our property truly shine. Be sure to say hello when you see our staff around the lodge.

Jamie Main


Jamie Main Owner /media/team/Jaimee.jpg?width=464&height=364&rmode=crop&rxy=0.49142858,0.41615853&token=IcYe%2FLwVB61YaIt8MBPxk8i0bF6mRHMOTWLTgURv4gI%3D

Jamie Main was born and raised in Rotorua. Together with her late husband Ron Main, they developed and owned numerous businesses in and around Rotorua including farming blocks, property developments and aged care facilities. They also built the first Rydges Hotel in Rotorua on Fenton Street. 

On The Point – Lake Rotorua was the original home to Jamie and Ron. They bought the property in 1977 where they raised their 4 children on the property and when they all flew the coup, they lovingly renovated the property into a luxury boutique lodge, opening to welcoming visitors in 2004. 

Jamie is very community focussed and enjoys providing to many charities. She is very hands on at the lodge and contributes to the decision making. She has 12 grandchildren, some of whom still assist us at the lodge on a casual basis when they are on university or school break.

Ann Gregor

General Manager

Ann Gregor General Manager /media/team/ann-gregor-greene.png?width=464&height=364&rmode=crop&rxy=0.5,0.5&token=PxN4GdcEXUB0ADd2JWbOGrodzsItKnBsjVir8C%2Bxsto%3D

Having been in tourism and hospitality for over 30 years Ann began her career with the opening of the Novotel Hotel in Rotorua. From there she enjoyed many exciting roles in the industry including 8 years with Volcanic Air – a helicopter and floatplane operator and two roles with Regional Tourism entities, one in Hawke’s Bay and one in Rotorua. The opportunity to run a high-end lodge was very appealing to her and she jumped at the opportunity. Ann has been at the lodge for 5 years and has been challenged with Covid and rebranding but she has relished every moment. Ensuring that the guests feel they are treated with the very best experience whilst visiting our region and property is paramount to her.

Leanne Gale

Operations Manager

Leanne Gale Operations Manager /media/team/leanne.png?width=464&height=364&rmode=crop&rxy=0.5,0.5&token=PxN4GdcEXUB0ADd2JWbOGrodzsItKnBsjVir8C%2Bxsto%3D

Overseeing the smooth running of the overall operations of the lodge is Leanne Gale. Leanne has been with the property for 5 years, having come from Taupo’s well-known Huka Lodge. She began her role here as Wedding/Events Co-ordinator but throughout the 5 years, has worked in various departments and has a complete grasp over the day to day running of the team and the property. Her varied skill set, and attention to detail ensures the lodge is presented at its very best. When not at the lodge, you will find her with her 3 lovely children or at the gym, sometimes twice daily if she can fit it into her busy schedule.

Beula Foote

Front Office Manager

Beula Foote Front Office Manager /media/team/beula.png?width=464&height=364&rmode=crop&rxy=0.5,0.5&token=PxN4GdcEXUB0ADd2JWbOGrodzsItKnBsjVir8C%2Bxsto%3D

Beula Somers was born and raised in South Africa and has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Beula graduated in 2015 from the Swiss Hotel School with a diploma in Hospitality management and she aspires to be a Lodge Manager.  She loves interacting with guests from all around the world, and sharing stories and particularly enjoys assisting in planning our guests’ activities. Her passions outside of the lodge are cooking or baking along with a bit of wine tasting.

William Foote

Head Chef

William Foote Head Chef /media/team/William.jpg?width=464&height=364&rmode=crop&rxy=0.4990476,0.40243903&token=Dk7E%2FmRA4F3WhKf4r9M%2FQS6WTZszTWGcqK1IKkdXjqo%3D

William held the role of Executive Chef at Rydges Hotel, Rotorua for three years. Prior to this he owned and operated his own restaurant "Headquarters" in the bustle of the Auckland Viaduct harbour for 12 years. In his spare time, he loves to hunt and each year takes time out to head into the native NZ forest. A little known secret that William is married to Beula our Front Office Manager

Adriana Martinez

Restaurant Manager

Adriana Martinez Restaurant Manager /media/team/adriana-martinez.png?width=464&height=364&rmode=crop&rxy=0.5,0.5&token=PxN4GdcEXUB0ADd2JWbOGrodzsItKnBsjVir8C%2Bxsto%3D

Adriana’s birthplace is Argentina where she worked as a team leader in the Events and Wedding Industry. Since moving to New Zealand, Adriana has worked in Front of House and service-related industries, including retail which gives her the edge when it comes to customer service. As Restaurant Manager, she is responsible for welcoming you into our a la carte restaurant for a wonderful fine-dining experience.

Neeti Masih

Head Housekeeper

Neeti Masih Head Housekeeper /media/team/neeti1.png?width=464&height=364&rmode=crop&rxy=0.5,0.5&token=PxN4GdcEXUB0ADd2JWbOGrodzsItKnBsjVir8C%2Bxsto%3D

Neeti manages the busy housekeeping department. Previously she has worked as Housekeeping Assistant in India for a 5 star luxury resort. She also lectured on Housekeeping at the Institute of Hotel Management in India for 2 years before moving to New Zealand with her husband and two children where she joined the Distinction Hotel as Front Line Assistant for 12 months before coming to work for us at On the Point – Lake Rotorua. Her role involves ensuring to ensure supplies are a plenty for busy turnovers and that our rooms are sparkling clean and ready for our guests to relax and enjoy.

Julie Amundsen and Helen Oakley

Property Assistants

Julie Amundsen and Helen Oakley Property Assistants /media/team/julie-and-helen-new-logo.png?width=464&height=364&rmode=crop&rxy=0.5,0.5&token=PxN4GdcEXUB0ADd2JWbOGrodzsItKnBsjVir8C%2Bxsto%3D

Helen and Jules are responsible for the beautiful, manicured grounds at the lodge. They pretty much work outside 100% of the day watering, planting, trimming, cutting and grooming the 5 acres of grounds ensuring it is in tip top shape. Another particularly important responsibility is tending to our petting animals who they share a special bond with. The donkeys, miniature horses, chickens, and sheep and our signature cat “Smokey” have for the most part been raised on the property and are admired and loved by the guests who enjoy feeding the donkeys a carrot or two!

Nicky Hegarty

Breakfast Supervisor

Nicky Hegarty Breakfast Supervisor /media/restaurant/nicky-hegarty.jpg?width=464&height=364&rmode=crop&rxy=0.5714286,0.34146342&token=RWeOdJy2MtVbkk%2FdhoC5N7SpQwyqRtPJLKj7otTb2Uw%3D

Nicky originally comes from Tairawhiti, Gisborne, moving to Rotorua 16 years ago.  She more recently spent 12 years in North Wales, returning to Rotorua in 2022.  She has a background in hairdressing, sales and hospitality.  Nicky enjoys looking after her four grandchildren, spending time in the gardening and entertaining.  You’ll meet Nicky most mornings, where she loves to interact with our visitors, assisting in planning their day ahead and generally chit chatting about Rotorua and NZ, not to mention providing you with a hearty breakfast to keep you going throughout your day.

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