Redwoods Treewalk & Nightlights

The Treewalk and Nightlights is a Rotorua must do.

Located just 15 minutes from On The Point, this nature eco experience is like no other - a peaceful haven for you to discover and explore nature above the forest floor. Surround yourself with these long living giants, native fauna and sweeping silver ferns.  At night the enchanted forest comes alive with Redwoods Nightlights.  An immersive experience ensures you discover the forest in a whole new light: Award winning Trubridge lanterns in a natural gallery.

We say daytime for Nature and Night time for magic.

Open 9am to late every day. Only 5min from Rotorua city centre. Allow 40 minutes for the 700 meter suspended bridge walk.

Speak to our helpful front desk staff to secure your booking.